OUC anticipate that power will be restored by 10pm on Friday, September 15th in Raintree. You can see the current outage map on this link

When power does return please remember that any frozen goods in your freezer will have de-frosted and will need to be disposed of. That includes any ice that will have been re-frozen.

Any timers you may have will all be effected and will need to be re-set.

There may also be some issues with fire alarm activations. Please do not ignore any alarms, but check that they are false activations due to the returning power.

Gas Grills

Residents are reminded that gas grills are not allowed to be used. No grills, other than the electric type, are permitted to be used, kindled or stored on any balcony, under any overhang or within 10 feet of any structure.

Charcoal lighter fluid is prohibited.

Further details on this subject can be found here